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Illustration by C.G. Jung in The Red Book / Liber Novus

This section of our website has been designed to provide Jungian psychoanalysts in Canada, as well as the general public interested in the theoretical and clinical field of analytical psychology, with the most up-to-date information possible on activities – seminars, conferences, publications – likely to enrich this field.

 Our Canadian and international colleagues are invited to use this newsletter to inform us of their activities and publications. The information gathered will be sent out periodically.

For all requests to publish information in this section, or to have your e-mail address included in the mailing list, there is only one address:


The Western Association of Jungian Analysts (WCAJA)

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September 27-29, 2024

At the Village Creek Country Inn, Pigeon Lake, AB





A recent publication from Daimon Verlag (highly recommended!)

Reflections on the Life and Dreams of C.G. Jung

by Aniela Jaffé, from conversations with C.G. Jung

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400 pages, illustrated
ISBN 978-3-85630-792-9, 54.95$ / € 42 / Sfr. 42

Aniela Jaffé presents thoughts and ruminations that Jung shared with her as they prepared Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung. These never-before-published revelations present a kaleidoscope of episodic, philosophical, humorous and enigmatic material, uniquely complementing and expanding on the widely acclaimed MDR.

“Jung allowed his thoughts to flow freely during our conversations, according to the situation and his interests of the moment. When speaking with me he was not hindered by intellectual considerations of possible criticism. It didn’t concern him that his words and insights might require further thoughtful reflection before they could be deemed coherent or valid. If I managed to touch upon a point of interest, Jung did not just answer my question, but followed his train of thought further.”
– Aniela Jaffé, from the Introduction

The historical commentary by Elena Fischli illuminates the biographical work with C.G. Jung on the basis of source material. How did the conversations and the notes of Aniela Jaffé come about? What was the nature of the relationship and collaboration between her and Jung? How did others deal with their work? And finally, who was this woman who was so candidly given such a glimpse into Jung’s inner life?


With the aim of focusing this Bulletin Board on the publications – journal articles and books – and professional activities of our Canadian colleagues, here are the covers of recent books published by our colleague Greg Mogenson, who has also founded a Jungian publishing house, Dusk Owl Books


…. and you’ll also enjoy this book by our colleague from Alberta, dedicated to “women who desire to come home to ourselves”…

Written for the general public, the nature of WOMAN: when the FEMININE is ready, the MASCULINE responds is a call to women to accept and live our feminine nature. Growing from girlhood into womanhood, many of us forget or reject our true femininity. The book explains the basic features of the feminine principle in a down-to-earth-way. For example, the instinctive behaviours of cows and bulls reveal dynamics taking place between the feminine and masculine energies in our human psyches. An age-old practice from a culture that values and affirms the natural differences between males and females offers guidance for women who desire to come home to ourselves. Although written for women, men who have read the book say it helped them understand the women in their lives better.

The author, Peggy Voth, is a clinical social worker and Jungian analyst in private practice in Calgary, Alberta. She grew up on a farm in Texas, where she learned first-hand about cows and bulls. In midlife, she underwent 13 solitudes in accordance with the Seneca Healing Quest, the time-honoured ritual for women that she describes in the book. Her keen interest in the wholesome embodiment and expression of the masculine and feminine principles in everyday life motivated her to write this book.

A short video can be viewed here.